The Independent EyeOrdering

You can order DVDs, CDs and books online or by mail.

To order online using PayPal, just click on the Order button next to the item. To order additional items, close the PayPal window and repeat. Finally, click View Cart to check out.

NOTE: For orders from outside the USA, postage will cost more. Email us in advance, and we’ll let you know the postage and how to place your order.

You’ll need to set up an online PayPal account; it isn’t difficult. How safe is it? No less safe than giving your credit card number over the phone to a stranger at a mail-order place or an airline.

If you prefer, send a check or purchase order to:

The Independent Eye
502 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

US dollars only. Shipping/handling is $3.00 per item within the USA; inquire for overseas. E-mail us with any questions. We ship within a week of receiving your order.